My name is Steven Skaff. I have been designing audio/video and control systems in the Chicago Land, North Shore area for nearly ten years. I design projects that range from dedicated home theaters to fully-automated smart homes, and everything in between.

In the past, I have always worked for integrators, but I started Skaff Consulting, LLC to simplify the process for you, the client. While working for integrators, I saw many clients dealing with unnecessary frustrations of the sales process. Whether shopping for the home theater, the fully-automated, smart home, these are complex, expensive systems. Without fully understanding the proposed design, pricing, warranty, terms, and the scheduling process the client is put in a vulnerable position. Clients would often ask me “Is my sales person doing the right thing for me?”

My approach as a consultant is to get to know you and your lifestyle, so I can design a non-brand specific solution that matches your needs and wants. I will bid the design out to several local integrators and compare the resulting proposals. “Shopping around” a non-brand specific design allows you to see multiple solutions, that match your design requirements, while allowing the integrator to propose a solution utilizing their product line-up. Whether it be AMX, Crestron, Elan, Control 4, Savant, Universal Remote, RTI or one of the many other brands of control systems, the main concern is your satisfaction with the end result. I will guide you through the design, bidding, contract awarding, and the scheduling process and help you find a local integrator to provide the system that is right for you.

The process of using a consultant for the design/bid process is standard practice in many industries, and now I am bringing this convenience to you. I would appreciate the opportunity to design and implement a solution that you, your family, and your guests will enjoy. I look forward to working with you on your next project. Please contact Skaff Consulting today for your complimentary initial consultation.


Steven Skaff
Owner, Skaff Consulting, LLC

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